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WEBB - Shoot to Score rhythm guitar session.

» 8am - January 31, 2011
Sept. 13th, 2009. Guitar recording session for the new WEBB song "Shoot to Score". Dave Webb - guitar. The session took place from 7pm to 11:30pm in the evening. The first hour of the session the engineer and I worked on getting set up to record and adjusting the sound for the raw recording. The rhythm guitar parts are recorded in three layers and then mixed together to form the final sound. Two of the layers are with the same amplifier the third is with a different amp. The guitar is recorded completely "dry" so the sound you are hearing is very revealing as to what a song sounds like before it is mixed by the mixing engineer. The guitar solo doesn't sound quite right because my equipment is set to sound right when recording layers of rhythm guitar. The actual guitar solo will be recorded later and mixed in by the recording engineer.
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