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JK Lado & Company Customer Testimonials


Thursday, 02 February 2017 13:09

Lado Devil 1-CU

Lado Devil 1-CU Features

Style: Neck-through-body.

Woods: 5A Curly Maple.

Fingerboard: 24 fret Ebony with custom Lado AS inlay.

Frets: Available small, medium, or large.

Finishes: Hi-gloss polyurethane with gold pinstripe.

Hardware: Gold plated.

Pickups: Lado or Seymour Duncan.

Available Finish Options

Black Transparent, Blue Transparent, or Maroon Transparent.

Ordering Information

This is a custom model and requires 50% deposit for order and a customer delivery time of 6-8 months.

Devil 1-CU Pricing

$ 3,695.00 USD or $3,975.00 USD with Floyd Rose tremolo.

Includes hard case. Contact us for a shipping quote.

Thursday, 17 November 2011 18:43


• # 5 Bone nut: $1.75

• #6 Oval chrome finish jack plate: $1.75      

• #7 Oval black finish jack plate: $2.00

• #8 LP chrome jack plate: $1.50

• #15 Chrome neck plate with included screws: $5.00

• #16 Four (4x) controls 250K or 500K: $10.00

• #17 Push - Pull 250K or 500K: $5.00

• #18 LP Tongue Switch: $6.00

• #19 3x5 way Strat switch: $4.00

• #24 Four (4x) Black knobs: $12.00

• #25 Four (4x) Gold knobs: $12.00

• #26 Four (4x) Chrome knobs: $11.00

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 17:59

Guitar M-Heads

Guitar Machine Heads


Gotoh Machine Heads

• #35 Black Stratocaster style 6 inline machine heads (set of 6): $23.00


Stratocaster Style Machine Heads

• #10 Black 3+3 black strat-style machine heads (set of 6): $22.00











Wednesday, 02 November 2011 16:49

Bridges & Tails

Guitar & Bass Bridges and Tail Piece


• #40 ABM (Germany) gold 5-string bass bridge: $75.00

• #15 ABM (Germany) gold 5-string bass bridge: $60.00

• #20 Lado factory 4-string polished bass bridge: $30.00

• #45 Lado factory 5-string black fulcrum bass bridge: $35.00

• #50 Lado factory 4-string black fulcrum bass bridge: $32.00

• #25 Chrome 4-string bass bridge: $28.00



• #9 Telecaster chrome humbucking pickup bridge: $18.00

• #10 Telecaster gold single pickup bridge: $20.00

• #11 LP style chrome roller bridge: $18.00

• #20 LP gold tail piece with slots: $12.00

• #21 LP gold bridge with screws: $14.00

• #22 LP chrome bridge with slots: $12.00

• #23 LP tail piece with screws: $12.00


Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:55

Bass M-Heads

Bass Machine Heads


Lado Brand

• #30 Lado Brushed Machine Heads. 4 on side or 2+2 (set of 4): $15.00

• #55 Lado Chrome Machine Heads (set of 4): $15.00

• #65 Lado Gold Machine Heads (set of 4): $15.00



• #60 M-6 Schaller (Germany) Machine Heads (set of 4): $75.00



Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:32

Pickups & Rings


• #1 - Lado humbucking 2-wire pickup: $36.00

• #2 - Lado TL 4-wire bridge pickup: $30.00

• #3 - Lado single stack 4-wire pickup: $32.00

• #4 - Single Strat style pickup (set of 3): $65.00

Pickup Rings:

• #12 Black plastic humbucking pickup ring: $1.75

• #13 Brass-gold plated humbucking pickup ring: $3.75

• #14 Brass-chrome plated humbucking pickup ring: $4.00



Sunday, 16 January 2011 20:17

Lado Lutherie School Testimonials

As a cabinetmaker 16 years into my trade, I've long felt guitar making was within my grasp. Though after much research and many books read, I kept feeling like so many critical points were neglected from the success that eluded me. Enter Lado School of Lutherie.

Working with a master luthier from the old country, I peered into a world artistry and craftsmanship I never thought I would see first hand. I have seen the tricks of the trade and was immersed in the essentials of instrument making in a way that no instructional book or DVD could equal.

My 12 string acoustic is the envy of my son's music teacher. Joe's school has set me on the path to becoming a professional luthier.

- Scott Vernon


I would like to thank you for the great experience at the Lado Lutherie School. The instruction and examples of building, repair, and setup of guitars was very thorough. The Lado school was not only a great experience, but also a lot of fun!

- Rob Vendrasco


Taking the Lado Lutherie Course has fulfilled my dream to build a custom, handmade instrument. I now have the confidence to continue building guitars even without a long history of wood-working experience. The Lado Lutherie School has taught me the important steps for building a quality instrument. And, I now know how to do so with basic tools that can be purchased at a hardware store!

- Matt Harrison


I learned an incredible amount at the Lado School of Lutherie. Without the knowledge of a master craftsman like Joe, I would never have been able to make such a beautiful looking and more importantly beautifully sounding guitar. Joe's constant efforts to create the best instruments possible is apparent in every Lado guitar and is a quality that his been engraved into all of us!

- Matt Berg


I chose the Lado School of Lutherie because I wanted to learn the essential skills necessary for guitar repair. Joe's teaching has given me the confidence to pursue this as a full-time career.

- Dennis Wardie


Even though I had never played a Lado guitar, I had heard of the reputation for quality built instruments. So, I had high expectations entering the Lado Lutherie School. I was not disappointed one bit as I developed skills that I can take forward with me to build quality instruments and also be an effective guitar repairman.

I very much enjoyed my time at the school and can move forward in my own career with confidence in the skills that I have learned from Joe Kovacic. I highly recommend the course to others that want to enter into a career in the lutherie field.

- Michael Harper

Thursday, 16 December 2010 19:57

Jim Slick

Dear Perspective Lado Owner,

I’ve been a musician for forty plus years and a guitarist for thirty-three of those years and have been a pro player most of my life. I’ve played and been endorsed by some of the biggest name guitars in the industry and am also a collector of fine guitars. I am a very picky player. A guitar is an extension of the player, no different than our hands and fingers. The guitar has to feel right and speak to me at many levels, not just aesthetics.

Some time ago, I was sifting through a Guitar Player magazine and came across a full page ad for Lado Guitars. These instruments were some of the most beautiful guitars (or should I say works of art) I had ever seen on paper. I immediately (literally, within minutes) sent an email to the company, hoping to acquire one of these beauties. Joe e-mailed me back within a few hours. I purchased the guitar in that ad on the spot.

The magic really happened when it arrived and I opened the case! I was absolutely blown away by the stunning beauty, quality of craftsmanship, and playability. No guitar that I’d played to date felt as comfortable and played as beautifully.

The fit and finish was absolutely perfect and the action and playability is some of the fastest that I’d ever felt.    I’ve purchase three additional guitars (for a total of four) to date and am, most likely, going to get two more in the next six months. Best of all, Joe has become a true friend. A nicer and more honest man you will never meet. Joe is a true legend and I am proud to be his customer and his friend.

There is no question in my mind that these guitars are world class and can stand up next to the best of anything out there. The craftsmanship, build quality, and playability far exceeds that of the ‘commercial brands’ ... they’re not even in the same league. Whether you consider yourself a serious player, a novice, or even a collector, you won’t find a better instrument. You owe it to yourself to purchase at least one of these gorgeous instruments, as they are, truly, second to none. I’ll even bet that you can’t own just one ... you will want more!



Jim Slick

Jim Slick Lead Guitarist, Zuka & Hydra, and Session Player President and CEO, Slick Systems and SS Recording Studios

For more information, visit: www.jimslick.com | www.slicksystems.com | www.hydrarocks.com | www.zuka.cc

Thursday, 16 December 2010 15:39

Overstock Sale!


JK Lado & Company is offering HUGE savings on a select number of "Minor Flaw" guitars. Though we say "scratch and dent" these flaws are near 100% unnoticeable. We are moving to a new location and are offering substantial savings through November 30, 2011. Please contact Joe Kovacic directly for more information!


Elite 3 (Blue Sunburst, 5A Woods) Retail:  $2995.00 CAD    SALE $1595.00 CAD w/ case.


Signature 505 Bass (5 string curly Sapele w/ EMG pickups) Retail: $3995.00 SALE: $2495.00 CAD w/ case


Lado Classic 2 Models (3x) with Floyd Rose tremolo, chrome hardware, Lado pickups, blond birdseye maple fingerboard, push/pull control and case. Retail: $2995.00 SALE: $1695.00 CAD w/ case.

* Available finishes are: maroon red sunburst, blue sunburst, and black sunburst.

* These last three models are the last to ever be produced with the old Lado headstock.

 * Once sale models are gone, Classic 2 guitars will be available by special order only for $2495.00 CAD 

Please note:  Canadian orders must add 13% sales tax to all orders.

Ask us about special offers on surplus exotic hardwoods and guitar or bass hardware. Up to 50% off. Please call for details. 

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 00:56

Tuition Deposit

Lado School of Lutherie Application Deposit

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Note From Joe K.

The year was 1960 and I had just enrolled in lutherie school in my home country of Croatia. During my studies, the first instrument I completed was an acoustic guitar.

Since moving to Canada in 1973, I completed 35 acoustic models over the next three years.In 1976 due to client demand, I made the switch to produce electric guitars and basses.

Since that day, I have longed to return to the production of quality acoustic guitars. Now that I am semi-retired I will again focus on my original signature design. Utilizing my stock of Brazilian Rosewood I have had since 1974, these guitars are built with very rare highly coveted materials.  Since I have had this wood in stock for over 36 years now, it MUST be dry. (Just a joke!)

Retail for my acoustic masterpiece is $4995.00 CDN with a hard case, which is roughly $3,000.00CDN. less than our competitors.

Production is limited to 5-6 model per year -in addition to 24 electrics.

For the past 48 years, building guitars has been the love of my life. Now, it is time to slow down and enjoy life with my beloved family.

I will however, be building guitars until the day I die.

Sincerely, Joe Kovacic


JK Lado & Co's  friends, enthusiasts, and very valued customers always put it best!

Check it out...