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JK Lado & Company Customer Testimonials
Lado School of Lutherie

Lado School of Lutherie (6)

Sunday, 16 January 2011 20:17

Lado Lutherie School Testimonials

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As a cabinetmaker 16 years into my trade, I've long felt guitar making was within my grasp. Though after much research and many books read, I kept feeling like so many critical points were neglected from the success that eluded me. Enter Lado School of Lutherie.

Working with a master luthier from the old country, I peered into a world artistry and craftsmanship I never thought I would see first hand. I have seen the tricks of the trade and was immersed in the essentials of instrument making in a way that no instructional book or DVD could equal.

My 12 string acoustic is the envy of my son's music teacher. Joe's school has set me on the path to becoming a professional luthier.

- Scott Vernon


I would like to thank you for the great experience at the Lado Lutherie School. The instruction and examples of building, repair, and setup of guitars was very thorough. The Lado school was not only a great experience, but also a lot of fun!

- Rob Vendrasco


Taking the Lado Lutherie Course has fulfilled my dream to build a custom, handmade instrument. I now have the confidence to continue building guitars even without a long history of wood-working experience. The Lado Lutherie School has taught me the important steps for building a quality instrument. And, I now know how to do so with basic tools that can be purchased at a hardware store!

- Matt Harrison


I learned an incredible amount at the Lado School of Lutherie. Without the knowledge of a master craftsman like Joe, I would never have been able to make such a beautiful looking and more importantly beautifully sounding guitar. Joe's constant efforts to create the best instruments possible is apparent in every Lado guitar and is a quality that his been engraved into all of us!

- Matt Berg


I chose the Lado School of Lutherie because I wanted to learn the essential skills necessary for guitar repair. Joe's teaching has given me the confidence to pursue this as a full-time career.

- Dennis Wardie


Even though I had never played a Lado guitar, I had heard of the reputation for quality built instruments. So, I had high expectations entering the Lado Lutherie School. I was not disappointed one bit as I developed skills that I can take forward with me to build quality instruments and also be an effective guitar repairman.

I very much enjoyed my time at the school and can move forward in my own career with confidence in the skills that I have learned from Joe Kovacic. I highly recommend the course to others that want to enter into a career in the lutherie field.

- Michael Harper

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 00:56

Tuition Deposit

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Lado School of Lutherie Application Deposit

Friday, 03 December 2010 22:50


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Students will attend class in Lindsay, Ontario which is located 1.5 driving hours from Toronto. Lindsay, a quaint town with a population of 18,000 is surrounded by 4 pristine lakes and is a popular tourist destination. Flemming College, a quality school respected worldwide is also located within town limits. Due to student housing demand, please make accommodation requests with Lado well in advance.

During off school hours, Lado students have regularly enjoyed trips to Lindsay's local movie theaters, live performance venues, and hockey area. A wide variety of shopping and restaurant establishments are also conveniently located nearby the Lado factory.

The Lado School of Lutherie does not offer on-campus housing. We will assist all students on finding suitable accommodations within a close proximity to our facility.

Available housing units are kept clean and every effort is made from affiliated homes to provide the best possible living quarters per demand. As a representative of the Lado School of Lutherie, we do ask that our students maintain appropriate behavior and conduct themselves accordingly.

School officials will work to accommodate particular student preferences for housing on a case by case basis. Please provide ample notice of requested housing arrangements or specific student needs to our staff prior to beginning class.


Friday, 03 December 2010 22:48

Tuition & Eligibility

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Course Requirements:

To be considered for school acceptance, candidates must have completed high school. Woodworking or shop credits are helpful though not required. Future lutherie school candidates currently enrolled in high school may consider completing such a class to learn basic crafting fundamentals.

Students that arrive without previous working knowledge of hand tools and machinery will be closely instructed and monitored to which time comfort levels have reached an optimum.

18 Week Course Tuition:

The Lado School of Lutherie retains a tuition in the amount of $12,495.00 CAD. Students must submit a non-refundable deposit of $2,000 CAD along with their respective application. Available student slots are limited and the  course application fee guarantees your position. Application fees will be deducted from full tuition amount, which is subsequently due upon the date of course commencement.

Payments must be made by either PayPal, certified bank check, or money order. Please address all payments to Lado Musical Inc.

Students wishing to fulfill deposit requirements may do so online at the Lado School of Lutherie Deposit Page.



Friday, 03 December 2010 22:48

Course Overview

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18 Week Lutherie Program

Accepting Applications for July. 2, 2014 now! (2013 School Term is Booked)


The Lado School of Lutherie provides both theoretical and practical instruction on custom guitar crafting and repair. Students will learn the foundations for both acoustic and electric guitar applications. Course duration is 18 weeks and provides 720 hours on hands on training. Class schedules are Monday - Friday during the hours of 9:00am through 5:00pm.

Students, during the initial eight (8) weeks will be taught in-depth manufacturing processes and will become familiarized with specialty tools and machinery. This core instruction period provides the foundation for subsequent hands-on training followed by the crafting of your own instrument. During this segment of the course, students are thoroughly trained on both basic and major repairs for both acoustic and electric guitars.

During the duration of the course, students will receive step by step instruction and guidance while building their own instrument. Students may choose to craft an acoustic or electric guitar or bass.

Note: Student project designs must utilize a pre-existing mold utilized by the Lado factory. In addition, a complete lutherie student handbook will be compiled over the 18 week period and taken home for ongoing reference.

Course synopsis:


Major Repairs:

  • Removal of pre-existing or damaged finishes.
  • Re-sanding
  • Dressing,installing frets,and removal of neck with reset.
  • Set-ups and configuration.
  • Finishes and spraying.
  • Cutting and installing pearl inlays.
  • Adhering and installation of bridges and nuts.
  • Crack and headstock repair.


Electric Guitar & Bass

  • Construction of neck-through-body designs and 2 piece guitar configurations.
  • Selection of craft wood and cutting techniques.
  • Assembly of body, neck and gluing of body wings.
  • Fingerboard cutting and fretwork.
  • Sanding, finishing, and spraying.
  • Sealing, wet sanding, and lacquer.
  • Buffing, electronics, and assembly.


Acoustic Guitar:

  • Bending and bracing.
  • Top and back joints.
  • Moulding and sanding.
  • Fretwork.
  • Binding Installation.
  • Wood re-saw techniques.
  • Overhead and handheld rotor techniques.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010 23:23

Lado Lutherie School Homepage

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Accepting Applications for July. 2, 2014 now! (2013 School Term is Booked)

J.K. Lado & Company has officially announced the continuance of the Lado School of Lutherie for a limited number of aspiring craftsman.

Mr. Kovacic has announced that after a one year hiatus, he will continue with his renowned training for only 3 students per 18 week class cycle.

Due to Joe's love of crafting fine instruments and sharing his passion with the next generation of luthiers, he will be teaching classes through 2014.

Interested candidates must complete and submit applications and secure a deposit by March 30, 2014. Please visit the Lado School of Lutherie page for more information and course structure.

"People who have a creative passion for producing fine quality instruments are few and far between. The trade needs to be passed along to future generations. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with today's young people and train them in the mastery of guitar building."

- Joe Kovacic

Note From Joe K.

The year was 1960 and I had just enrolled in lutherie school in my home country of Croatia. During my studies, the first instrument I completed was an acoustic guitar.

Since moving to Canada in 1973, I completed 35 acoustic models over the next three years.In 1976 due to client demand, I made the switch to produce electric guitars and basses.

Since that day, I have longed to return to the production of quality acoustic guitars. Now that I am semi-retired I will again focus on my original signature design. Utilizing my stock of Brazilian Rosewood I have had since 1974, these guitars are built with very rare highly coveted materials.  Since I have had this wood in stock for over 36 years now, it MUST be dry. (Just a joke!)

Retail for my acoustic masterpiece is $4995.00 CDN with a hard case, which is roughly $3,000.00CDN. less than our competitors.

Production is limited to 5-6 model per year -in addition to 24 electrics.

For the past 48 years, building guitars has been the love of my life. Now, it is time to slow down and enjoy life with my beloved family.

I will however, be building guitars until the day I die.

Sincerely, Joe Kovacic


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