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Pickups & Rings


• #1 - Lado humbucking 2-wire pickup: $36.00

• #2 - Lado TL 4-wire bridge pickup: $30.00

• #3 - Lado single stack 4-wire pickup: $32.00

• #4 - Single Strat style pickup (set of 3): $65.00

Pickup Rings:

• #12 Black plastic humbucking pickup ring: $1.75

• #13 Brass-gold plated humbucking pickup ring: $3.75

• #14 Brass-chrome plated humbucking pickup ring: $4.00



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Note From Joe K.

The year was 1960 and I had just enrolled in lutherie school in my home country of Croatia. During my studies, the first instrument I completed was an acoustic guitar.

Since moving to Canada in 1973, I completed 35 acoustic models over the next three years.In 1976 due to client demand, I made the switch to produce electric guitars and basses.

Since that day, I have longed to return to the production of quality acoustic guitars. Now that I am semi-retired I will again focus on my original signature design. Utilizing my stock of Brazilian Rosewood I have had since 1974, these guitars are built with very rare highly coveted materials.  Since I have had this wood in stock for over 36 years now, it MUST be dry. (Just a joke!)

Retail for my acoustic masterpiece is $4995.00 CDN with a hard case, which is roughly $3,000.00CDN. less than our competitors.

Production is limited to 5-6 model per year -in addition to 24 electrics.

For the past 48 years, building guitars has been the love of my life. Now, it is time to slow down and enjoy life with my beloved family.

I will however, be building guitars until the day I die.

Sincerely, Joe Kovacic


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