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JK Lado & Company Customer Testimonials

Dear Perspective Lado Owner,

I’ve been a musician for forty plus years and a guitarist for thirty-three of those years and have been a pro player most of my life. I’ve played and been endorsed by some of the biggest name guitars in the industry and am also a collector of fine guitars. I am a very picky player. A guitar is an extension of the player, no different than our hands and fingers. The guitar has to feel right and speak to me at many levels, not just aesthetics.

Some time ago, I was sifting through a Guitar Player magazine and came across a full page ad for Lado Guitars. These instruments were some of the most beautiful guitars (or should I say works of art) I had ever seen on paper. I immediately (literally, within minutes) sent an email to the company, hoping to acquire one of these beauties. Joe e-mailed me back within a few hours. I purchased the guitar in that ad on the spot.

The magic really happened when it arrived and I opened the case! I was absolutely blown away by the stunning beauty, quality of craftsmanship, and playability. No guitar that I’d played to date felt as comfortable and played as beautifully.

The fit and finish was absolutely perfect and the action and playability is some of the fastest that I’d ever felt.    I’ve purchase three additional guitars (for a total of four) to date and am, most likely, going to get two more in the next six months. Best of all, Joe has become a true friend. A nicer and more honest man you will never meet. Joe is a true legend and I am proud to be his customer and his friend.

There is no question in my mind that these guitars are world class and can stand up next to the best of anything out there. The craftsmanship, build quality, and playability far exceeds that of the ‘commercial brands’ ... they’re not even in the same league. Whether you consider yourself a serious player, a novice, or even a collector, you won’t find a better instrument. You owe it to yourself to purchase at least one of these gorgeous instruments, as they are, truly, second to none. I’ll even bet that you can’t own just one ... you will want more!



Jim Slick

Jim Slick Lead Guitarist, Zuka & Hydra, and Session Player President and CEO, Slick Systems and SS Recording Studios

For more information, visit: www.jimslick.com | www.slicksystems.com | www.hydrarocks.com | www.zuka.cc

Hey Joe,

I'm constantly searching for new ways to make my guitars sound and play better. As a musician, I'm always pushing to have the best possible sound. I regularly try new gear as it becomes available on the market. I just thought I'd let you know that I started using Lado Guitars because they were the best I ever played. I didn't expect years later and after auditioning hundreds of guitars that NOTHING bested my Lados. My Lado guitars are the only pieces of equipment that I have not moved on from in over 20 years of playing music.



Dave Webb

Note From Joe K.

The year was 1960 and I had just enrolled in lutherie school in my home country of Croatia. During my studies, the first instrument I completed was an acoustic guitar.

Since moving to Canada in 1973, I completed 35 acoustic models over the next three years.In 1976 due to client demand, I made the switch to produce electric guitars and basses.

Since that day, I have longed to return to the production of quality acoustic guitars. Now that I am semi-retired I will again focus on my original signature design. Utilizing my stock of Brazilian Rosewood I have had since 1974, these guitars are built with very rare highly coveted materials.  Since I have had this wood in stock for over 36 years now, it MUST be dry. (Just a joke!)

Retail for my acoustic masterpiece is $4995.00 CDN with a hard case, which is roughly $3,000.00CDN. less than our competitors.

Production is limited to 5-6 model per year -in addition to 24 electrics.

For the past 48 years, building guitars has been the love of my life. Now, it is time to slow down and enjoy life with my beloved family.

I will however, be building guitars until the day I die.

Sincerely, Joe Kovacic


JK Lado & Co's  friends, enthusiasts, and very valued customers always put it best!

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