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Exotic Wood Sale

Retirement Excess Inventory Sale! For a limited time, receive un-heard of pricing on top grade guitar wood and hardware!

Letter from Joe Lado

After 45 years, I am retiring and will only be making a limited amount of guitars each year to maintain my long established and successful career as a hobby now.

I have some of my best private collection of various exotic woods for sale that has been aged and as part of my inventory since 1975, both soft and hard wood and mostly grades 4-5A.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

  • 5A LP Hard Curly Maple 2”x7”x20”
  • 5A Curly Ash 1”x7”x22” (planks also available)
  • Bubinga 1”x72”x10”
  • Zebra 1”x48”x16”
  • Quilted Sapele top electric plates ¼”x7”x20”
  • BC Spruce 350 years old 5A tops 2”x8”x20”
  • Ebony 3’ logs and fingerboards
  • Ebony back and sides
  • Nara wood back and sides

And whether you are a serious guitar builder or simply a hobbiest, in addition to the amazing wood stock listed above, I also have years of parts inventory left for sale, such as:

  • Machine heads    250 sets Gotoh (black)
  • LH Lado pickups
  • Bass frets – over 100 lb in rolls
  • Miscellaneous parts, including: Knobs, Jack Plates (black, chrome and gold), Rings, Switches, Controls, Nuts bone, Neck plates and screws, Bridges LP Bass, 5&6 String German Made Gold Bridges

As all of the above is for sale, I would be interested in selling the full inventory (wood and parts) and also some special tooling, to one individual.

If this is something you may be interested in, please contact Joe Lado at 705-878-3472 and provide a number where you can be reached to discuss in person.

Minimum Order Shipments:

To USA – minimum order must be $1,000.00 Cdn with customs
Within Canada – minimum order must be $500.00 Cdn
All other international countries – negotiable

Deals are ready to be made, so ask for Joe directly if you’re interested in some top of the line guitar inventory!