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Lado Devil is Back!

JK Lado is now offering our classic Devil 1-CU model for special order. This is a custom model with limited quantities available. View specs and pricing

JK Lado Guitar and Bass Sale

This is a limited-time sale for select guitars including models from the Lado family personal collection. View available models

Exotic Wood and Hardware Sale

Don't miss a unique opportunity to receive great deals on JK Lado's exclusive stocks of exotic wood and hardware on sale. View avaiable materials

Lado Alert - Demand Authenticity!

JK Lado & Co. is alerting our valued customers regarding oversees based imposter or "generic" guitars being offered online for purchase under the Lado name starting in 2010. Prior to purchasing, provide us with a serial # to confirm authenticity.


JK Lado & Co's  friends, enthusiasts, and very valued customers always put it best!

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